Getting to know Google+

Understanding social media is not a simple task, especially with all the channels that exist today. There are 15 popular active social networking sites and 40 other social networking sites that are available to companies and their potential customers. As much as business owners might be excited to try social media, the sheer volume of options is daunting!

We recently had to reopen our Google account and start a new Google+ business page. In the process, we took note of our findings to offer you some advice.


If you do not have a Google account, sign up. After you have an account, create a business Google+ page. Answer all questions that are asked about your business and leave no blanks.

Helpful hint: Use one email address for all social media accounts and save your passwords on the same Excel spreadsheet or other document, which is only accessible to team members.




After you have made your Google+ business page, create circles. Circles can be employees, competitors, industry leaders, resources, VIPs, etc. Circles allow businesses to tailor messages to specific audiences. Now, begin searching and adding businesses or individuals to your circles.

Helpful hint: Google+ users do not know to which circle you assign them—only you will. For example, if Affinity Express has a new job announcement and wants to share it with current and prospective employees, we would select the appropriate circle and post. Only those in the circles can see the post.





Posting on Google+ is like a blend between LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. As a Google+ user, you are taking advantage of the positive qualities of each of these social media accounts.


LinkedIn: Google+ allows you to target a specific audience.


Facebook: Google+ gives a business unlimited characters and the ability to post several file types.


Twitter: Google+ has wonderful hashtag capabilities and a well-developed hashtag search.


Helpful hint: When posting on Google+ always use a #hashtag and be sure to select a circle, if needed.


Bonus: Using a hashtag will help with Google+ hashtag searches, but also increases the number of times you are found on a Google Internet search.



This is probably my favorite feature of Google+ as it gives the user the ability to see popular hashtag searches that are related to the word you are researching. You can also search a hashtag using Google’s Internet search.





Now that you understand the basics of Google+, I encourage you to start posting on a daily basis and search #hashtags that are relevant to your content and industry.

We understand it is difficult to start another social media account, but Google+ has grown so quickly, it may make sense for your business to try it out.


If you are still unsure about Google+, I have included some additional resources about the benefits of Google+.

What has your experience with Google+ been so far—are you using it and seeing results for your business?

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