Advertising in Fashion

Successful ads for fashion and accessories avoid visual clutter. They convey a strong brand message by using powerful images and minimal but impactful content that work together to grab the attention of the target audience.

Ads targeting women—such as those for garments, accessories or jewelry—tend to feature soft feminine background colors and flowery fonts. On the other hand, ads that are designed for professional men typically have no-nonsense creative with minimal copy and masculine colors that suggest power and control. Another category of fashion ads targets youth. They come in a range of colors with playful fonts and models in action to convey energy.

Here are some designs created by our team that reflect the latest trends in fashion advertising:

The ad here uses a pale background with models showing two different outfits. As the ad targets women, we see flowery fonts. Content is kept to a minimum to let the outfits get most of the attention. The design uses space to create a balance between the two visuals and inspire women to consider the trendy and casual outfits. 0000004502-01_hr The ad here for Paul Puncher makes a statement with a powerful visual. It does not use any words to distract the audience and lets the clothing, the body language of the model and the facial expression do the talking: stylish, high-quality, business attire that makes the buyer look successful.

RECR0011878812_hr Another ad by the well-known watch brand Rolex uses the same trick of a strong visual on white background, eliminating the need for any copy. White has been used as the background color to give the brand a premium look and make the product look classy and desirable for the audience. RECR0011878651_hr The next ad uses masculine colors and models in corporate attire to communicate the range of business apparel and accessories sold, as well as the idea that the price range is high. RECR0011920997_hr Another interesting segment for fashion ads is jewelry. In this ad, soft background colors and delicate design visuals like lace evoke nostalgia. The ad copy beautifully connects the brand with celebration of love and shared memories. RECR0011871859_hr This next ad provides a glimpse of spring fashion with the backdrop of a sandy beach. The visual of an attractive, well-dressed woman encourages you to shop for smart outfits from their collection and get ready for some fun outdoor activities in the coming season. RECR0011878938_hr The last ad has a lush green background that announces the arrival of spring. The white bench makes the perfect setting to highlight all styles of women's footwear without becoming cluttered. The ad also uses a QR code for its audience to scan and connect to the website using mobile phones. Talk about instant shoe gratification! RECR0011877553_hr How far do visuals go in creating impact in fashion related ads? What fashion ads have you caught your eye recently? What elements stood out in those ads?

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