Ads Bring Color to the Winter Season

As most of us experience a white landscape in winter, there is certainly one place where our clients like to add color: their print ads. White and blue hues convey the mood of this season and symbols like snowflakes, trees covered in snow and houses with snow-packed roofs create an evocative winter backdrop for the ads.

This season, our creative team put together winter-themed ads that were colorful and vibrant to attract potential customers. Here are some of our favorites.

This ad by Attridge Transportation explains viewers could contribute to the community by becoming school bus drivers. The cartoon characters and use of primary colors add to the charm and reinforce that the drivers would be serving children. Attridge Transportation (final ad) The ad by Tropical North highlights one of the many things that we love about winter: adventure sports!

The elements have taken over the ad completely and the scene shown here could make anyone pack his or her bags to head for some serious fun outdoors. MNMR0011220122_hr Here is another ad that depicts a serene landscape that captures the beauty of the season and whispers "peace." It is an ad for a funeral home that reaches out to their audience with few words and a simple design that speaks volumes. Fohn's Funeral Home The green background and font color in the ad for Zak's Naturals hint at the arrival of spring and new beginnings by transitioning white snow to verdant blooms. This is a great way to usher in a new season of fashions in a subdued yet effective manner. MNMR0011305633_hr What colors have you used in your winter ads to tie in with the season and market to your potential customers? What do you think works in the winter advertising and designs without being cliché or boring?

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