Christmas Ads of 2012

As the holidays approach, our creative team is very busy designing ads for clients who want to thank their customers or just share season's greetings. This year we were surprised by the range of industries wanting holiday-themed ads. We went through our most recent work to share with you designs that we thought were especially effective.

We hope our efforts made the festivities happier and brighter for our clients! This ad avoids using any standard Christmas symbols but illustrates the holiday connection with its red and white theme and ribbon. Simple and effective! Christmas ad 1 The adorable photo of kids in the branches made this ad stand out. It evokes the thrill of seeing the holiday through children's eyes and perfectly communicates the business the ad promotes: a farmer's market selling Christmas trees. DNMR001538498_hr The magical landscape gives this ad a story-book feel and inspires nostalgia. PMP1791679_hr This design definitely stands out with its unique color combination that communicates winter and snow and yet looks different from the typical holiday ad. The collage of photos depicting people getting all sorts of spa services coupled with the smartly designed message is attractive and balanced. RECR0011638269_hr Here, the ad for a musical production catches your attention instantly by featuring a scene from the performance. TNP752613-01_hr Lastly, this simple ad showing star shaped cookies could motivate anyone to join the cooking school just with one mouth-watering visual! Cooking_School (big ad) As you gear up to ring in a new year, what holiday-themed ads caught your attention this year? Do you have any that stand out as your all-time favorites?

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