My Last Post

Goodbye!…on the Affinity Express blog.

If that's not making you sad, don't tell me. I'm immensely sad to leave: not just leave a blog that I've nurtured lovingly over two years, but to leave a job that I was extremely happy at, and a boss who made work fun each day and who's become one of my best friends.

I have learned so much over the last two years: seriously, I don't think I've ever learned so much in any other period of my life. It was exciting to be in this dynamic industry, to work in a business that's aligned with my work (marketing!) so I can understand and be thrilled about the services we provide. It was a pleasure to meet (whether in person or online!) and learn from so many colleagues and clients.

And especially, it was amazing working in the marketing department with Kelly and Mel: never have I worked in another team that was so in sync (even though we're all in different countries!); where even disagreements were fun and productive.

I'm glad we've found another Marketing Manager who's brilliant and driven and fits well with the team; who has strengths different from mine and will push Affinity Express into new directions. But I'm sure Kriti will have her own post up here soon, so I won't steal her thunder.

I'll continue to write about marketing here and I hope you'll continue reading me, and I'm happy to chat on Twitter.

And I know Affinity Express will continue to do exciting stuff and the blogging team here will continue to dispense great advice, so I'm definitely going to continue reading this blog. You'll also catch me hanging about in the comments section here, so I won't say goodbye!

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