Designs of the Quarter: Print Ads

In our first Designs of the Quarter contest this year, we had a slightly different format. We awarded three designs in each of three categories, instead of three designs overall. The categories this time were: print ads, video and image editing.

Today, I'll share the winning print ads with you. This first ad is really striking in its layout and the use of fonts and colors. 

The ad design lives up to the slogan: "Makes other bourbons feel underdressed" by complementing elegant imagery with classic fonts and understated colors so the product is dominant. This bourbon suggests it is in a different class of spirits and the design reinforces that point! Print Ad for bourbon {C}

Although the second winning ad is for a furniture company, the theme of this ad is going green. The design follows suit by using a field of light green to highlight the clever image of hands forming a house and the company logo in blue and orange in the lower left. The treatment of the headline is effective and the choice of fonts and layout of the body copy works to support the overall concept. Print Ad for recycling In contrast to many real estate ads, this winning design has few elements and focuses on the most important objective of the agent's clients: to change "for sale" to "sold." The only bright color is in the sign and there is a little color in the house. This is balanced by the headline about "Real Estate with Real Experience." The ad convinces viewers that, if you are serious about getting a deal done, you want to choose this person and his firm. Print Ad for real estate Congratulations to the Affinity Express winning designers of these ads and to our clients who benefited from their work! Check back on Wednesday for the winning designs in the video and image editing categories.

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