Build Your Brand on Social Media

Have you started out on social media but aren't quite sure what to do with it? Do you wonder how you're ever going to show your business's competence and expertise in 140 characters? Or how to get people interested in your industry to follow you?

I provide some answers in this post at the Search Engine People blog. A taste:

Answer Questions

Answering questions from people about the way your industry or business functions is a sure-fire way of making yourself look like an expert (provided you actually know the answers). Look through topics related to your business on sites like Quora and LinkedIn and set up a saved search on Twitter and look at hashtags. Join industry forums and participate in discussions. Use web search and Google alerts to find more questions on those topics. Don't just answer for the sake of getting your name in: you need to actually add something informative to the discussion.

What else can you do? Read the blog post to find out!


I recently had my websites rebuilt and i am trying to unearth new ways to make it better.Your design is quite nice and your posts are well-structured. I though that it would be nice to say that i will use some of your "know-how".

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