Cool Things Newspapers Are Doing on Facebook

You've heard it before: newspapers should be using Facebook. But what should they be doing?

Here's what some of the best newspaper pages on Facebook are doing right. (Instead of looking through all newspaper pages I could find on Facebook, I started out with this list. I also included a few from here.)

Read on to see what Facebook features you should be taking advantage of (even if you're not in the news business).

Custom Like Tab

Many newspapers do very well with a custom tab welcoming new users by asking them to like the page.

I very much like the like tab of the San Jose Mercury News page: it's clear and simple and yet stylish. I also love their profile picture and the way it includes details about other social media profiles users can find them on.


San Jose Mercury on Facebook: Like Us


Ditto for the Detroit Free Press. They not only invite people to like them, but also give them reasons to post on the Wall.


Detroit Free Press on Facebook


 SF Chronicle has a cool welcome page that asks you to download the iPad app.


SF Chronicle on Facebook: Welcome


New York Times on Facebook: Fan Us


I do think the New York Times could do better with their "fan us" tab. I mean, Facebook doesn't even call them fans anymore, NYT. Do get with the times. Take some inspiration from the LA Times.


LA Times on Facebook: Like Us


Custom Welcome Tab

Some don't ask you to like the page, but welcome you in different ways.  The Arizona Republic (actually, I'm using the AZCentral Facebook page because this seems to be the main one even though there's another, much less popular, page for the Arizona Republic) welcomes users by asking them to like on other related pages.

AZ Central on Facebook: Welcome

The Chicago Tribune's welcome tab has links users might be interested in. It asks users to sign up for alerts and points them to different Chicago Tribune fan pages.


Chicago Tribune on Facebook: Welcome


It also asks users to invite their friends.


Chicago Tribune on Facebook: Invite Friends


Regular and Engaging Content on the Wall

I love the Denver Post's Wall, with its combination of news, commentary and questions.


Denver Post on Facebook: Wall


USA Today's is good too, and each post gets dozens (and sometimes, hundreds) of comments.


USA Today on Facebook: Wall


I like the tone of the LA Times' wall posts: the pithy comments work well for the medium.

LA Times on Facebook: Wall

Cleveland could take a clue from them and include a line of commentary on the news items they post.

Cleveland on Facebook: Wall


Other Social Media Profiles and Pages

The Chicago Tribune takes it further than AZCentral by having a separate "More Pages" tab where users can view and like other related pages.


Chicago Tribune on Facebook: More Pages


However, AZCentral also has a page that showcases its Twitter feed.

AZ-Central on Facebook: Twitter


Tie In With Core Business

What else can you do that is relevant to your business and keeps your fans informed and connected?

AZ Central has an "odd news of the day" and a "fact check" page. They also have a tab where you can fill in a form to give them a news tip. Way to harness the power of the community, AZ Central!


AZ Central on Facebook: News


The New York Daily News embeds live chat into its page.


NY Daily News on Facebook


The Mercury News and a few others have a Daily Deals tab.

San Jose Mercury: Daily Deals

USA Today asks you to subscribe . . .


USA Today: Print


And also puts up job openings.

USA Today: Jobs

Now I'm gonna go see which of these we can implement on our Facebook page. What about you?


Thanks for your comment, Mike. I also think Twitter is pretty good for journalists and news publishers to share news: I often use it as my primary source of news!

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