Happy Geek Pride Day

"she's geeky" (I'm geeky)Star Wars may have passed me by, but I'm a self-professed geek. (In school, I had thick glasses and reading was my favorite past-time, unlike my more cool friends.) 

So let's wave our geek flags high today and catch a Hitchhiker's movie tonight (or get in bed with your favorite Terry Pratchett, whatever grabs you.)

And of course, check out these embroidery digitizing and vector artwork designs from our team.

Embroidery Digitizing Design: Professor Geek

Star Wars

Embroidery Digitizing Design: Geeks on Call

Embroidery Digitizing Design: 1 Man GeekEmbroidery Digitizing Design: My GeekEmbroidery Digitizing Design: Geek Squad

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