Click Asia Summit in Mumbai, India: SEO Edition

When I first heard about the Click Asia Summit, I immediately wanted to go. Not only was I likely to learn a lot from the scheduled sessions on SEO and social media marketing, but much of the discussion was also likely to be relevant to our business as a provider of interactive advertising and marketing production.

So I was really glad to be able to go, and have an experience that lived up to my expectations and more! Here are some of my highlights from the event: some sessions I loved, some things I learned, some people I met.

One person I was really looking forward to hearing was Gillian Muessig, one of the founders of SEOmoz. I have been reading the SEOmoz blog for some time, and highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, is trying to learn about SEO and apply it to the brands they work on.

Unmana Datta with SEOMom Gillian Muessig at the Click Asia Summit in Mumbai

That's Gillian Muessig in the center and me on the right

Gillian took a couple of outstanding sessions. The first one on metrics and analysis was full of information,  and I was furiously taking notes. Here were the main points I gathered from the session:

  1. Get a one-line answer to the question: "What is my website trying to accomplish?"
  2. Narrow down to one or two metrics that answer this question.
  3. Drill down into KPIs (key performance indicators) that you want to track.
  4. Follow the cash backwards: track where conversions come from.
  5. Look for common denominators: what's common to your most successful pages?
  6. Look at competitors that rank high in the results: what are they doing right?
  7. Focus on long-tail search, especially keywords that reveal intent.
  8. Fill up results with your brand: show up on web, news, real-time and as many other kinds of search as you can.

And for those of you who weren't lucky enough to be there, you don't have to do with just these eight points. Here's the slidedeck. [slideshare id=6657432&doc=2011-02clickasiaanalytics101-metricsanalysisaction-110121151739-phpapp02] I also quite liked Jeff Adelson-Yan's presentation on SEO and PPC. I was busy writing down a list of action items to discuss with Kelly when I got back. (And of course I'm not going to share that with you.) But here's something better: a link to his presentation. After the first day's sessions were over and while we were waiting for drinks and dinner and a talk by one of India's most famous actors, I went up to the door of the hotel where the event was held (Taj Lands End, Mumbai) and took this picture.

The view from Taj Lands End in Mumbai

Tomorrow, I'll put up the second post in the series: the social media marketing edition. (The post's now up here.)

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