Sample Designs: Embroidery Digitizing

Designs of the Quarter is our most popular post, so I bring you more lovely designs from Affinity Express. These are all from our embroidery digitizing team, and you can compare the original designs with the digitized ones.

Digitizing Sample: Strawberries

Yumm! Strawberries!

Digitizing Sample: Woman

Intricate and beautiful

Digitizing Sample: Eagle and Flowers

Look at the level of detail in this one!

Digitizing Sample: Girls with Bags

My personal favorite!


So tell me, which do you like best?


OMG, this is so cool! Didn't know you worked with these kinds products. So very cool.
Also, the detailing the third design is mind-blowing!
Cheers :)

Hey, thanks. I don't personally work with these products, but yeah, I do think it's pretty cool.

Love them all! However, I think there are shoes in the shopping bags of the third sample! It gets my vote!

Very nice
Amazing embroidery digitizing!!!!!!!!!!!

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